Version 2024.8.12

Released April 10, 2024

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Release Notes

Minor Fixes

Included in 2024.8.12

This release contains minor fixes and improvements

Security Improvements

Included in 2024.8.7

This update includes important security fixes and improvements.

One-Time Charge Limit

Included in 2024.8

If you're planning a road trip, you can choose the One-Time Charge option.

This option appears when you increase the Charge Limit above the daily driving recommendation. Afterward your vehicle will automatically revert back to your previous daily driving Charge Limit.

Vehicle Alarm Includes Trailer

Included in 2024.8

Your vehicle alarm now also monitors whether your trailer is plugged in to the hitch.

The trailer alarm sets and turns off along with your vehicle alarm. You can disable this security feature in your vehicle settings at Towing and Hauling > Trailer Alarm.

Rear Passenger Headphones

Included in 2024.8

Passengers in the back seat can listen on wireless Bluetooth headphones when watching shows or playing games on the rear touchscreen. The rest of the vehicle can continue to listen to other audio from the front.

Pair your headphones at App Launcher > Rear Display > Settings > Add New Device. To listen, turn on the headphones (up to two), open an app in Theater or Arcade on the rear screen, and hit play.

View or Reset Tire Mileage

Included in 2024.8

To see the number of miles traveled since your last tire service, in your vehicle settings go to Service and look in the upper right corner. When you get your tires rotated, replaced, or swapped, choose Reset to zero out the counter.

Auto Wipers

Included in 2024.8

Wipers now have an Auto setting that detects precipitation and adjusts the wiping speed and intensity.

Turning on Autopilot features automatically sets wipers to Auto.

Security Improvements

Included in 2024.8

This update includes important security fixes and improvements.

Supercharging in Cold Weather

Included in 2024.2.6

If you’re heading to a charger in colder conditions, use the vehicle Navigation to route there. In addition to preparing the battery, this now automatically starts warming the charge port inlet.

Other Tips for Charging in Cold Weather

When You Plug In — Clear away ice and other debris from your charging cable connector and charge port, and check that they’re fully connected.

When You Unplug — After charging in frozen conditions, if you can’t unplug, try warming the charge port inlet:

In the Tesla app, you can turn on Defrost Truck, or in the vehicle, turn on Side Mirror Defrost.

Alternatively you can prepare ahead of time: In the Tesla app, go to Schedule > Departure, or in your vehicle settings, go to Charging > Schedule > Settings > Preconditioning.

If warming alone is unsuccessful, you can pull the manual release (in the trunk) to disengage the charge port latch.

See your Owner’s Manual sections on Cold Weather Best Practices and Charging.

Reminder to Plug In at Home

Included in 2024.2.3

You'll now receive a reminder on your phone to plug in your vehicle when you park at home with less than half of your Charge Limit.

To receive this notification, you must have your Home location set and have charged there previously.

Your vehicle's location is not shared with Tesla (see

Speed Cameras on Your Route

Included in 2024.2.3

Navigation now includes symbols along your route to show speed cameras, stop signs, and traffic lights.

To see this route information, you must have Navigation > Online Routing turned on. Requires Premium Connectivity.

Security Improvements

Included in 2024.2.3

This update includes important security fixes and improvements.

Apple Podcasts

Included in 2024.2

Listen to millions of the world’s most popular podcasts. Apple Podcasts for Tesla syncs with your favorite Apple devices, so you can seamlessly follow shows, save episodes, and pick up right where you left off. Browse new and noteworthy podcasts or explore what’s trending on Top Charts.

From the Application Launcher, open the Apple Podcasts app, scan the QR code, and log in with your Apple ID. Premium Connectivity required.

Improved Ride and Handling

Included in 2024.2

Get a more consistent response on different road surfaces and greater comfort on rough winding pavement in Sport Mode or when Custom Ride & Handling is set to Focused. Also expect reduced pitch and body roll in Off-Road Mode.

In your vehicle settings, go to Dynamics to choose your Drive Mode.

More Efficient Charging

Included in 2024.2

Your vehicle now adjusts to the power level of each DC charging station. So battery preconditioning when you're navigating to a charger, and then charging, can be more efficient.

Castle Doombad Game

Included in 2024.2

You are the villain. It's up to you to destroy the goody-two-shoed heroes invading your castle.

Defend your evil lair solo or in two-player co-op with terrible traps, monstrous minions, and wicked weapons. This trap-based puzzler game is like Cartoony Tower Defense meets Dungeon Keeping.

To play, shift into Park (P), and go to Arcade > Castle Doombad.

Tesla Arcade Updates

Included in 2024.2

- Polytopia Diplomacy Update — Explore new options for peaceful and hostile interactions, from peace treaties and embassies to stealth infiltration and guerrilla warfare.

- Vampire Survivors Chilling Update — Melt hordes of snowmen and defend against ice monsters in the new wintry Whiteout map, along with a new character, achievements, and items to collect.

- PS4, PS5, and Xbox Controllers — Feel more immersed in the action with rumble effects in select Tesla Arcade games. To pair a controller, open the Bluetooth panel and follow the instructions.

Availability varies by model and location.

Custom Lock Sounds

Included in 2024.2

Replace the horn sound of your vehicle locking with another sound, like a screaming goat, a round of applause, or a random fart.

Choose from the options at Toybox > Boombox > Lock Sound, or save your own sound as "LockChime.wav" (< 1 MB) onto a USB flash drive.

Automatic 911 Calls

Included in 2024.2

Your vehicle will call 911 if an accident triggers the airbags.

A countdown timer allows you to cancel the call before it's placed if you don't need 911.

This feature works automatically when your mobile phone is connected to your vehicle via Bluetooth.

Trip Planner on Mobile App

Included in 2024.2

Use the Tesla mobile app to plan a trip.

Go to Location > Navigate and enter a destination. For multiple stops or to make changes, simply Edit Trip > Add Stop. If needed, Trip Planner will also include charging stops along the way. Then choose Send to Car to share it with your vehicle.

Requires Tesla app 4.27.5+ to add multiple stops to a trip.

Alternative Routes While Driving

Included in 2024.2

See alternative routes in Navigation and switch routes, even after you've started driving.

While driving, choose the map mode button at top right, or tap the next turn, to switch to the Navigation overview, and choose which route you want.

More Cameras in Live Camera View

Included in 2024.2

When you view your vehicle surroundings from the Tesla app, now you'll have access to the left and right pillar cameras.

On your vehicle touchscreen, go to Controls > Safety > View Live Camera via Mobile App. Then you can view from the app on your phone.

Live Camera is end-to-end encrypted and can't be accessed by Tesla. Requires Tesla app 4.27.5+ and Premium Connectivity.

Automatic Blind Spot Camera

Included in 2024.2

The blind spot camera view now alerts you with red shading along the edge when your turn signal is on and your vehicle detects an object or another vehicle in your blind spot.

Go to Controls > Safety > Automatic Blind Spot Camera.

Updated: 2024-02-09

Security Improvements

Included in 2024.2

This update includes important security fixes and improvements.

Other Updates

Included in 2024.2

- Shuffle your TIDAL playlists and albums.

- In Apple Music and Spotify, you can show your account profile image to indicate which account you're using for each. Availability varies by model and location.

- When you use Controls > Search on the touchscreen, your results now include links to entries in the Owner's Manual, in addition to results with vehicle settings. So you can find the setting you want or learn more about it.

- When you search the vehicle map for charging locations, you can now filter between two charging speeds: Three lightning bolts shows locations with more than 70 kW. One lightning bolt shows locations with 70 kW or less.