Version 2024.20

Released May 25, 2024

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Release Notes

Beach Buggy Racing 2 - Supercharger Races

Included in 2024.20

Set the fastest lap at your local Supercharger! Drive to a Supercharger and compete in Beach Buggy Racing special races to set the fastest time on the leaderboard against other players.

Hot Weather Improvements

Included in 2024.20

This release includes AUTO HVAC improvements for hot weather. The A/C cools down the cabin faster, and maintains comfort at lower noise levels.

Security Improvements

Included in 2024.20

This update includes important security fixes and improvements.

Off-Road Mode

Included in 2024.14.3

- Overland Mode now provides more consistent handling and better overall traction while driving on rock, gravel, deep snow, or sand.

- Baja Mode now improves vehicle balance and handles more freely when Stability Assist is set to Minimal.

Terrain Options in Baja Mode

Included in 2024.14.3

Baja Mode now includes a Terrain slider for optimized performance in a variety of off-road scenarios:

- Smooth: Medium ride height and increases damping for excellent body control and responsive handling.

- Rugged: High ride height with damping optimized for rough terrain, medium sized obstacles, and whoops.

- Clearance: Very High ride height for traversing large obstacles.

Locking Differentials

Included in 2024.14.3

You can now engage the locking differentials. On uneven or slippery terrain, if a wheel has limited or no traction, Cybertruck will direct torque to the opposite wheel. This helps the vehicle continue moving in low-traction environments.

For off-roading, choose from the locking differential options on the vehicle status area, or in the Off-Road app.

Engaging locking differentials while driving on roads is helpful if you temporarily need extra grip on loose or uneven terrain, such as getting un-stuck from a snow bank. Navigate to Dynamics > Engage Rear Locking Differential.

Use with caution as maneuverability and traction are reduced when turning. Don’t use on high-traction surfaces such as asphalt. Doing so will result in damage to the drivetrain. Refer to the Owner’s Manual before using this feature.

Trail Assist

Included in 2024.14.3

Trail Assist maintains a set cruising speed with minimal slip on rough or steep terrain so you can focus on steering. Adjust the set speed by swiping on the right scroll wheel. Unlike cruise control, when you brake, Trail Assist stays active and resumes the set speed when you release the pedal.

To enable, go to Controls > Dynamics > Off-Road Mode > Trail Assist. This feature won’t steer, navigate, avoid obstacles, stop, or otherwise operate the vehicle on its own. Continue to pay attention and be ready to take immediate action. Refer to the Owner's Manual for more information.

Slippery Surface

Included in 2024.14.3

Slippery Surface optimizes Traction Control for driving on snowy, icy, wet, or slick roads to distribute traction evenly across all tires. Even when this setting is off, Cybertruck continuously detects characteristics of the current driving surface and automatically adapts Traction Control.

In your vehicle settings, go to Dynamics > Slippery Surface.

Ride and Handling with a Load

Included in 2024.14.3

Adaptive suspension now estimates payload more accurately and automatically adjusts damping to deliver a more comfortable ride and more consistent, confident handling. Refer to the Owner's Manual for load limits and requirements.

CyberTent Mode

Included in 2024.14.3

CyberTent Mode levels the suspension, so you can sleep comfortably on a flat surface. It keeps the tonneau cover open to accommodate your tent. You won't need a lantern with the lighting controls in the Tesla app, and Outlets stay on if enabled. Go to Outlets & Mods in your vehicle settings, or Controls in the Tesla app. The CyberTent is only available in the Tesla Shop (

Powersharing from Vehicle to Home

Included in 2024.14

When you experience an electrical grid outage, Cybertruck can power your home. Its onboard electronics work directly with your home's Universal Wall Connector and Powershare Gateway.

To start using backup power from your vehicle battery, consult the Owner’s Manual for how to install and operate your home system. Compatible with Tesla app 4.31.0+. A future update will extend Cybertruck Powershare to work with Powerwall.


Included in 2024.14

Listen to thousands of Audible Originals, audiobooks, and podcasts. Pick up where you left off and listen seamlessly between your device and Tesla.

Scan the QR code to log in to your Audible account, or try it out with a selection of free audiobooks and podcasts. Requires Premium Connectivity.

Spotify Queue and Playback Speed

Included in 2024.14

You can now sync your Spotify queue across vehicles and devices, and adjust playback speed.

Preview of Sentry Mode Recordings

Included in 2024.14

When Sentry Mode triggers your vehicle alarm and records an event, you can immediately preview a brief clip of the recording on your phone.

Press and hold the notification to watch the recording. In your vehicle settings, you must have Safety > Dashcam turned on.

Requires a USB with sufficient memory plugged into the vehicle, Tesla app 4.31.5+ on iPhone, and Premium Connectivity. Preview videos are end-to-end encrypted and can't be accessed by Tesla.

Speed Camera Chime

Included in 2024.14

To hear a chime when you're approaching a speed camera, turn on Navigation > Speed Camera Chime in your vehicle settings.

You must have Online Routing turned on. Requires Premium Connectivity.

Trip Progress Bar

Included in 2024.14

Below the turn-by-turn list in your navigation, you'll now see a progress bar that changes as you drive closer to your destination or next stop.

The progress bar also reflects live traffic conditions on your route if you have Online Routing turned on.

For real-time traffic and road conditions to appear on your routes, the setting at Navigation > Online Routing must be turned on. Requires Premium Connectivity.

Cybertruck Colorizer

Included in 2024.14

Customize how your Cybertruck appears on the touchscreen and Tesla app.

In your vehicle settings, go to ToyBox > Colorizer.

Customize Scroll Wheel Functions

Included in 2024.14

Do more with the left scroll button on the steering wheel. You can perform actions like raise or lower ride height, open the glovebox, or save Dashcam footage, and adjust settings like brightness and drive mode.

Press and hold the left scroll button to open the menu and choose a function. Next time, the button will perform the most recent function you chose.

To choose a function any time you use this feature, go to vehicle settings > Display > Scroll Wheel Function, and choose Ask Each Time.


Included in 2024.14

Attend video calls with Zoom using the interior cabin camera.

Open the app directly, or join meetings from your Calendar. Shift to Park to use participant video and screen sharing. If you drive, then meetings switch to audio only.

Driver has sole responsibility to consult and comply with all local regulations while using Zoom. Requires Premium Connectivity.

Beach Buggy Racing 2

Included in 2024.14

Drive your own kart racer in an action-packed race to the finish. Careen through Egyptian pyramids, dragon-infested castles, pirate shipwrecks, and experimental alien bio-labs. Blast your opponents with an arsenal of fun and wacky Powerups.

When you play games, Cybertruck's steer-by-wire system lets you turn the steering wheel without moving the tires.

To play, go to your vehicle settings > Entertainment > Arcade > Beach Buggy Racing 2.

New Lock Sounds

Included in 2024.14

You'll hear new signature sounds from your Cybertruck when you lock and unlock.

You can enable or disable the sounds in your vehicle settings at Locks > Lock Confirmation Sound.

Cabin Overheat Protection

Included in 2024.14

For hot days or parking in direct sun, Cabin Overheat Protection helps maintain the temperature you set for up to 12 hours after you park. It will turn off at 20% battery to conserve range.

In your vehicle settings, go to Safety > Cabin Overheat Protection. Never leave children or pets unattended.

Front Passenger Air Vent

Included in 2024.14

You can now open or close the front passenger air vent separately, with the rest of your vehicle Climate still on.

Tap the temperature to open Climate controls, touch the front passenger air wave on the touchscreen, and follow the instructions.

Improved Turning Circle

Included in 2024.14

Your Cybertruck's turning circle is improved by 1.6 feet, making parking and low-speed maneuvers easier. This is achieved by an increase in the turning angle of the front and rear wheels.

Better Route Available

Included in 2024.14

Navigation now shows you, at the top of your turn list, if a faster route becomes available. It will reroute unless you decline before the option expires.

To choose how often you see these suggestions, adjust the number of minutes saved.

In your vehicle settings, go to Navigation > Online Routing > Reroute to save. To use this feature, you must have Online Routing turned on.

Wiper Controls

Included in 2024.14

Scroll Wheel — When you press the wipers button to view wiper controls, you can now adjust wiper speed by moving the left scroll wheel up or down.

Wipers Button — When you have the wipers set to I, II, III, or IIII, you can press the wipers button to cycle through speeds.

Security Improvements

Included in 2024.14

This update includes important security fixes and improvements.

Other Updates

Included in 2024.14

- When you're parked, you can expand the browser to full screen.

- Rear passengers can now see the current trip details, time, and temperature at the top of the rear touchscreen, except when Entertainment apps are using the full screen.

- You can now swipe to delete Sentry Mode recordings in the Dashcam app on your vehicle touchscreen, or at Security > Sentry Mode Alarm Previews in the Tesla app 4.32.0+.

- When you have Valet Mode on, and your vehicle is unlocked or shifted out of Park, you'll receive a notification on your phone.

- The Vampire Survivors game in Arcade now has the "Space 54" and "Deeploreble" updates.

- Arcade includes the latest game update for Polytopia "Path of the Ocean."

- If you have no passengers in the back seat, the rear touchscreen now turns off when you shift out of Park, to reduce unnecessary energy use.

- The powered frunk can better detect obstructions just before it finishes closing.

- When you open the door to get in, Cybertruck overhead lights come on at a lower brightness if you have Lights > Dome Lights set to Auto. Tap the lights to adjust them.